Anti-Bribery Healthcheck – Audit History

The Anti-Bribery Healthcheck РAudit History page is the default entry page, which summarises all of the Anti-Bribery Healthchecks that have been created, as well as, My Open Items which is a summary of any actions, issues or risks assigned to the logged in user.

New Anti-BriberyHealthchecks can be commenced from this page.

The key information contained within this screen includes:

  • Healthcheck Name
  • Type of Healthcheck (e.g. Full, Program Assurance, Controls Assurance or Third Party Assurance)
  • Name of the reviewer
  • Status – draft, in-progress, completed
  • Start date
  • Close date
  • Compliance distribution – rolled up status across all compliance questions
  • Options – drill down, view, download to PDF or email report

My Open Items

  • Item type – action, issue or risk
  • Identification number
  • Overdue indicator – red indicates the item has not been resolved by due date