Annual AML/CFT Compliance Report

The AML/CFT Healthcheck contains functionality to support the completion of AML/CFT Annual Compliance Reports, which are provided to the relevant AML/CFT Supervisor.

We have re-created the content for the following countries, which have a common AML/CFT Annual Compliance Report format so that these can be completed within the AML/CFT Healthcheck Tool, generating a downloadable PDF which is retained within the application but can easily be used to provide a copy to the AML/CFT Supervisor.

  • Australia (AUSTRAC)
  • New Zealand (Joint supervisory framework – Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Financial Markets Authority and the Department of Internal Affairs)

We are currently examining the AML/CFT Annual Compliance Report requirements for other countries and will include these as part of the development roadmap for the AML/CFT Healthcheck.