Create Anti-Bribery Healthcheck Report

When creating a draft Anti-Bribery Healthcheck Report the user will be required to provide an Executive Summary, which is snapshotted into the report, which can be printed or downloaded to PDF.  Copies of the Anti-Bribery Healthcheck Reports are stored in the Anti-Bribery Healthcheck – Audit History page.

Cover Sheet

  • Summary details of the Anti-Bribery Healthcheck (see Getting Started)
  • Disclaimer

Executive Summary

  • Anti-Bribery Healthcheck name and review name (i.e. draft only, final)
  • Prepared for – names of the audience to receive the Anti-Bribery Healthcheck
  • Business overview
  • Anti-Bribery Healthcheck scope
  • Executive Summary – key findings
  • Anti-Bribery Healthcheck conclusions/recommendations
  • Key issues and actions
  • Key risks and evidenced controls
  • Distribution list – other recipients of the Anti-Bribery Healthcheck
  • Review team – names of auditors
  • Chief examiner – name of lead auditor


  • Provides context behind the compliance assessment

Executive Report

  • High-level summary of compliance assessment


  • Details of every question, response, compliance rating and comments etc.