The Anti-Bribery Healthcheck Tool includes real-time dashboard reports that instantly track compliance and open/overdue actions, issues and risks at the click of a button.

There are two different types of dashboard:

  • Item Status Dashboard
  • Outstanding Item Dashboard

Item Status Dashboard

The Item Status Dashboard tracks and records the status (open, in-progress, on-hold) of all open actions, issues and risks by the following dimensions:

  • Full (across all items)
  • Group
  • Division
  • Team
  • Owner

The dashboards are updated in real-time and are ‘drillable’ so that users can instantly determine the status of items across the Anti-Bribery Healthcheck.

The dashboards can also be downloaded to PDF and printed so that they can be used in an offline context, such as at an Anti-Bribery compliance committee.

Outstanding Item Dashboard

The Outstanding Item Status Dashboard is setup in the same way, but was designed to draw attention to outstanding items that have not been actioned by the specified target date and contains the following ‘drillable’ ageing information:

  • Overdue between 0-7 days
  • Overdue between 8-14 days
  • Overdue between 15-30 days
  • Overdue between 31-60 days
  • Overdue by 61-90 days
  • Overdue by more than 90 days

This information can be used to ensure timely action is taken to address actions, issues or risks identified during the Anti-Bribery Healthcheck review and shines a spotlight on any groups, divisions, teams or individual owners that consistently have overdue items.