Items – Action, Issue and Risk Management

The Anti-Bribery Healthcheck contains functionality that allows actions, issues and risks (collectively known as ‘items’) to be added either generally or linked to specific compliance requirements, with real-time open and aged dashboard reports, providing anti-bribery compliance officers with the confidence that actions, issues and risks are being appropriately managed in a timely manner.

The items can be searched or filtered by item type (action, issue, risk), status (open, in-progress, on-hold or closed), assigned to (group, division, team or owner), dates (start and end) or through keyword searches.  The Anti-Bribery Healthcheck also allows bulk updates to be performed, allowing for example, actions to be re-assigned in bulk to different owners.  Items can also be printed, emailed or downloaded to PDF allowing items to be effectively managed in external forums (i.e. team meetings).