User Guide

The Anti-Bribery Healthcheck is very intuitive to use, but in case you get stuck our comprehensive user guide Simple to use! is here to help get you started.

Industry Coverage

Anti-Bribery legislation impacts organisations, large and small, across a diverse set of  industries  40+ sectors - is yours one of them? . Does your organisation need to identify, mitigate and manage anti-bribery risks?

Our Roadmap

We are committed to continuously improve our products.  We regularly include user feedback into our development roadmap. We would love to hear your suggestions We are all ears!

Terms and Conditions

Please refer to our  terms and conditions  Now for the boring part! to find out how the Anti-Bribery Healthcheck can be used to support your organisation meet its anti-bribery compliance obligations.

End User License Agreement

Please refer to our End User License Agreement More boring but important stuff! to understand the terms and conditions associated with the annual license and maintenance and support contract terms.