Project Description

Track the Buzz is a social media monitoring and analytics solution that monitors millions of social media sources including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Weibo, Instagram, YouTube, MySpace, Blogs and News and uses advanced analytics and data-mining algorithms to uncover the true meaning of social conversation trends.

We identify posts, authors, sentiment and cross-posts and deliver it to your dashboard. Users can search, filter, translate and track posts as they move between social users and different networks while identifying key social influencers and trends.

Users can search and view social media postings in over 20 languages, identify top influencers, understand how messages become ‘viral’, perform drill-down analytics by Location or Country, analyse sentiment and compare trends at the click of a button.

Why not register for a free 7-day trial and see for yourself or play the video overview below:

We are working on a number of risk and compliance applications for the TrackerBuzz solution so watch this space!